Barb Flemington is a local artist who has a beautiful studio space attached to her home, just South of the Brandon Hills.  She invited me into her studio to document the ephemerality of her creative process.  These images are from the first visit.  You can find more artworks and contact information at:


Over the last few weeks I have taken a couple of trips to the International Peace gardens located on the border between Manitoba, Canada and North Dakota, USA, South of Brandon in the Turtle Mountains. These photographs sketch some of the vistas featuring monuments, as well as more subtle observations that I enjoyed as a tourist. One of the highlights for me was spending time in the greenhouse space that house thousands of species of cacti and succulents recently donated from a private collector.  I want to thank Doug Hevenor for spending much time with us during the first visit, making us well acquainted with the history of the garden and sharing a wealth of information.  I also want to thank Gwen Beam from The Brandon Garden Club for suggesting the visit. This is a world class facility and a gem of the prairies.  For more information on what is available:






Just south of Holland, Manitoba, along Highway 34 is a Trappist Monastery known as Our Lady of the Prairies, part of the larger order called the Cistercian Order of Strict Observance.  Below are photographs of the statues viewed from the grounds open to the public.  Available in the information centre along with a plethora of Christian literature is wonderful unpasteurized cheese, honey and delicious jam.  Thank you to Leanne Zacharias for suggesting the visit.